Roundtable. Theme: Legacy

What kind of legacy and impact do I want to have?

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We always aim to ensure that Modern Affluence roundtable invitations are perceived as the ‘heated debate’

we just hadn’t reckoned on Monday evening’s temperatures in London making it an actual scorcher.

However, the venue could not have been better suited for both our deliberations on legacy and our pre and post networking. Our hosts Rathbones arguably have the best rooftop terrace in London combined with a corporate motto of “Look Forward” and we were set up for a productive and inspiring evening – inside an out.

We will be issuing a short white paper on the evening in mid-August – it’s a fundamental  feature of these roundtables that we have actionable insights – however the 90 minute conversation centered on “What kind of legacy and impact do I want to have ?’ and we did it justice. Each of our participants (ranging from tech to art to healthcare to fashion) spoke both from their sectoral interest but also a wider understanding of the world and the future.

An alignment of values and objectives but with a different pathway and best of all a shared passion for getting ‘legacy’, in all its forms, right.”


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