Modern Affluence Summit 2022 CAPITAL: CULTURAL v FINANCIAL

January 2022

Affluence and culture have always been intertwined, but this year’s Modern Affluence Summit, hosted at the incredible 180 Strand, cemented that cultural capital is as fiercely fought as financial capital.

Where the world is seemingly existing in more extremes this audience discussed the need for balance and foresight to ensure contributions and returns are meaningful, inclusive, and sustainable.

At the end of 2021, global wealth had increased by 9.8% over 2020 to an estimated $463.6 trillion (Credit Suisse). The participants of this summit understand the world’s interdependency all too well. Global value chains built on the flow of goods and services yes but also capital, people, data, and ideas. Flows of services, international students, and intellectual property grew about twice as fast as goods flows over the last decade with data flows growing at nearly 50% annually. (McKinsey). These intellectual gold mines providing the basis for affluence and with responsible stewardship hopefully changing society for the better

Thanks to our sponsors Pinafarina, Rathbones and VGC Partners, our inspirational panellists and speakers and of course our audience of change makers and legacy builders.