Spotlight on Gaming

May 2022

This 2022 Spotlight on Gaming is a quick but comprehensive dive into an important category and in this post we have picked out some of the key trends.

  • Mobile is now the primary driver of growth for digital games. Consumption and is increasingly becoming the world’s preferred form of gaming, and therefore crucial to any effective cross-platform experience.
  • Mobile has enabled the “democratisation of gaming” — allowing every type of gamer to gain access to “their” niche
  • Mobile gaming appears to be setting the stage for the “new gamer”, which is the most inclusive cohort yet.
  • Because of the pandemic consumers spent more time at home since early 2020 and have sought out new ways to connect with others. The report suggests that cross-platform games to continue gain ground relative compared to mobile-only games.

$222 Billion global consumer spending on games in 2022

$136 Billion spent on mobile gaming alone

47% of the top games by consumer spend in the US skew female

+94% The increase Gen Z spend heading to become the most monetizable gaming group

25%The share of the top grossing games played by Baby Boomers (aged 45+) up 6 percentage points from 2019

Almost 50% gaming-focused Twitch made up almost halfof global live streaming time on mobile

3 : 1 by this ratio consumers indicated they’d rather see ads in exchange for free content/services than to pay for apps and avoid all ads

45% of respondents supported tougher ad tracking

23% more US gamers said they “can’t stand” video ads than said they “liked” them in Q3 2021.